Two or four more teams ought to be added to CWI Regional Competition

May 12, 2021

Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Rajendra Chandrika, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Leon Johnson*, Bashkar Yadram, Keemo Paul, Anthony Bramble +, Veerasammy Permaul, Gudakesh Motie, Romario Shepherd, Shefane Rutherford

Garth Garvey, Trevon Griffith, Assad Fudadin, Brandon King, Paul Palmer *, Fabian Allen, Romaine Morrison +, Dennis Bulli, Damani Sewell, Derval Green, Jason Dawes

I don’t like the fact Trevon Griffith, and Assad Fudadin, are on a Jamaican franchise team. Isn’t it better to have entire team comprised Jamaican nationals? I think two more teams ought to be added to the regional four day competition. The Leeward Islands and Windward Islands should be regrouped into four teams augmented with no more than four players from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. in other words no less than 28 players from the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands must be permitted in those teams. breaking it down further no less than seven players from Windward and Leeward Islands on each team in every match. Also, teams should not be locked into the original groups chosen. The teams must be allowed to access the available talent pool.
I am also with West Indies cricket officials should explore bring Suriname, Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Bermuda under their umbrella. Are there players in those geographies with outstanding international talent willing to represent the West Indies? Perhaps, such would provide avenues to increase revenues and investors.
What are your views?


Berbice teams Must Participate in CWI Competitions.

May 12, 2021

What’s current with Clinton Pestano? I am disappointed with scores and the performances of Hemraj, Hetmyer, Bramble, Motie, and Shepherd recorded in the first six matches of CWI 50 Overs matches. I also rooted for Hetmyer to record a double century. At least, a score beyond 150 against the Windward Islands in the semifinals, would be satisfactory . I expected a total beyond 365 runs against the Windward Islands.
I think a total beyond 365 runs Lewis, Simmons, Pooran, Pollard, and Bravo and the other Trinidad cricketers would be hard-pressed to overhaul against the bowling of Hemraj, Permaul, Motie, Sinclair and Shepherd in 50 overs.
I am rooting for Hemraj, Hetmyer, Bramble, Motie, Permaul, Sinclair and Shepherd to be the architects in defeating this super Trinidad cricket team. Ever so often weaker teams manage to win games against much stronger teams. Who will ever forget Kapil Dev led India to at least two wins against the mighty all conquering Clive Lloyd led West Indies teams in Albion in Berbice and to the surprise of the majority of the cricket world on the greatest stage in the 1983 ICC WORLD CUP FINALS. That has to be worse than the 5-1 trashing West Indies received from the hands of Thomson, Lillee, and the Chappell brothers and the other Australians during 1975-1976.
A fighting total of six runs or less per over may not suffice against this outstanding assortment of ball beaters. 365-377 runs ought be the aim. Cricket is still a game of glorious uncertainties. It’s still see the ball hit the ball to above and beyond the boundaries. And all it takes is ten wicket taking deliveries or restricting the opposition to a lower scoring rate to win the match. This Mande hopes Hemraj, Hetmyer, Bramble, Permaul, Motie, Sinclair and Shepherd will give Roger Harper and the other CWI selectors no wiggle room to exclude them from the squad to compete against Sri Lanka.
I emphasis it’s past due for transparency to be the hallmark of the selection process. The selectors must establish and publish a dept chart of batsmen, opening batsmen, fastbowlers, spinners, wicket-keepers, all-rounders and captains, in all genres of cricket. I must add I was surprised. The refusal to select Permaul in test teams is most perplexing. Guyanese government and people, especially Berbice, ought demand explanations. The contributions of three past their prime cricketers – Barnwell, Johnson and Joseph – were lightening in a bottle. Regardless of those mirages, the selectors erred when they neglected to select Anderson and other younger players over Barnwell, Fudadin, Johnson, Joseph and Griffith. And I also love for Berbice teams to participate in CWI competitions. Berbice Cricket Board has done a fine job during the Beharry – Foster administration. The next step is enfranchisement of Berbice Cricket Board within the CWI. Demerara and Essequibo cricket boards need to wake up to the reality the Guyana Cricket Board has not shown any desire to move cricket forward in Guyana. Otherwise, Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo would be franchises in at least the CPL T20 competition. Therefore, I am advocating the cricket boards of Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo approach every avenue to improve and enfranchise cricket in their geography. Anything and everything less is insufficient. I love for this PPP government to improve cricket facilities throughout Guyana. This PPP government must encourage and assist Berbice, Demerara, and Essequibo cricket boards by sponsoring competitions and seeking infusion of foreign capital as per franchises in the three counties as participants in West Indies tournaments. Never again must cricket officials be forced to hand over their personal property as collateral when seeking to advance cricket as has been the experience of Mortimer George and Lennox Phillips during the tenure of Miss Shirley Field-Ridley. I can’t imagine a more putrid account in the history of cricket in Berbice. I say never again. I call on the PPP government to honor Mortimer George and Lennox Phillips and to ensure such an episode is never manifested.

M’Lilwana Osanku previously expressed these observations on Facebook on February 27, 2021

Sancho, Africans Must Stop Following Popular Trends – Infertility, Divorce and Separation

March 9, 2021

Greetings in the names and the spirit of ancestors – the unknown in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas and elsewhere and the known ; Muriel, Alexander, Lammy Tuckness and Bentick and their DNA relatives, and their colleagues. In this mode, I and I refer to oneself, as M’Lilwana Osanku. The name M’Lilwana mean “Little Restless Fire.” M’Lilwana is also interpreted as Muriel’s Little One of seven children. Osanku is the name of a Twi three-stringed guitar. Therefore, Osanku can be recognized as spraise-singer of his ancestral heritage.
In this piece, this Mande is expressing his observations. He has identified a number of reoccurring events in the acknowledged history of the descendants of Bentick Sancho. He noted other than the spouse and daughter of Tuckness Sancho, said to be invalids, in the entries found in the early nineteenth century censuses and Slave Registers nothing further is known respecting the family and descendants of Tuckness Sancho. It’s possible, Tuckness Sancho is the father of Ann Williams,. She is the spouse of Samuel Williams. He was a butcher. He was also a colleague and perhaps a confident of Lammy Tuckness Sancho. The father and siblings of Cousin Dove Williams were also butchers. Hence, the interest in the Williams ancestors of Cousin Dove Williams. This Sancho love to speak with Lyllette and Denise. Most unfortunately, Winston Matthews has returned home before this Mande had the opportunity to speak with him respecting his Sarrabo and Williams ancestry. He also love to talk with family historians of Williams of Golden Grove and Nabaclis. He is most interested in linking with the descendants of Samuel and Ann Williams and the relatives of Robert Williams also known as Robert Sancho and most popularly known as Motie Sancho. He thinks Clarence Sancho is the grandfather of Motie Sancho. He needs to know and not believe. Please facilitate – soonest.
Research has determined events and conditions recur, all too often, generationally, within in nuclear families of the descendants of Bentick Sancho. This researcher is not sure whether these afflictions are hereditary of Sancho or Sumner and/or both. Be that as it may:-
Infertility; infidelity (Breeches); adoption; abortion; infant mortality; childbirth mortality; (Deaths of mothers and babies in the aftermath of the child birthing process); Mortality of babies, young children, teenagers and young adults; Domestic Abuse; Divorce and Separation; Marriages and Common law; Children birthed out of wedlock, (children birthed out of marriage) before and during marriages; Teenage pregnancy and teenage parenting and other social ills are rampant among the people of Sancho, 1966-2021.
Most definitely, the focus is neither controversial nor vindictive. It’s obtaining the information and documenting our people’s experiences as accurately as humanly possible from African consciousness perspective. Certainly, this Sancho is neither devious nor cunning. He is neither concerned with the reasons people are married nor reproduce out of wedlock children, while in relationships with their spouses. . Also, he does not care to dwell on relationships; be it for convenience of sexual intercourse and/or otherwise. He is however interested in the human resources procreated by relatives. He isn’t with naming names of Sancho reproducing with Sancho. He is not interested in the sexual orientation of any Sancho and/or any other human, period. He doesn’t care to belittle himself and his ancestors and the other members of prior generations with the nonsensical talking points of stinking thinking people. In short, who engaged in sexual intercourse with their relatives is none of other people’s business. Who has and/or had sexual contagious diseases is also none of other people’s business. Who ran train on females and/or which females solicited several males for a sexual experience – are also out of bounds. Obviously, he has no interest in shallow humans and their musings. None with their melancholy disgusting behaviors are of his interest. The abominable abnormal behaviors of biological links and so-called friends are the most perplexing feature of his recent awareness. Negroes and their imitation European behaviors are the most reprehensible creatures on earth.
Now that the context has been dispensed. Let this Mande get in with it.
Several Sancho individuals are not known to have reproduced. Perhaps, a number of them choose not to participate in the reproductive process. However, the confounding reality is those who made numerous unsuccessful efforts might have procreated had the issues been rectified. Thus, this Sancho is appealing to parents of Sancho to take their children as early as two years’ old to visit medical professionals to ensure the reproductive system of their children are functioning, properly. If correction is required – the parents must consent. If your efforts to reproduce, failed, after some six months to a year – don’t conclude the problem is with your partner – you must consult medical professionals. Thereby, you will be assured what’s necessary for you to become a parent.
Adoption is an alien concept. Lions don’t adopt other lions’ cubs. Adoption is not within African cultural traditions. Adoption creates avenues for misleading information and other false claims. Adoption and gifts create imposters with the surname, Sancho. Such hoaxes in nuclear families wrecks lack of self-love and knowledge of self. Further more it’s low self-esteem, self-denigration and disrespect of ancestors. It also eliminate those individuals from the mating pool. The behavior violates the integrity of the ancestral heritage of a people. Moreover, the pragmatic thinker and researcher, will determine, such imitation European behaviors are most confounding to the process of gathering and deciphering the fragments of history of a people. Such occurrences adversely affect the accuracy of the documentation of the information
This Sancho vaugely recalls a much older First Cousin telling him – he tried to sponsor his children. However, US Immigration and Naturalization Services informed him a number of the children do not have his DNA. This Sancho never asked how he felt. Of course, that episode isn’t an isolated reality. Perhaps, he should have had other DNA services ascertain whether the conclusions of the immigration services are accurate. Did other breeches occurred in Sancho males head of household nuclear families in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries which affected the biological links to Bentick Sancho? This Sancho was informed Bacco Evans is the biological father of the two daughters said to be children of his grand Uncle. One of the daughters’ children told this Sancho she has no interest in Sancho family history. Sancho asked – what is your understanding of Young family history? There was no response. Fortunately, DNA reveals the accurate account of creatures’ biological existence.
What do you think? While Sancho males were participants with females who are not their spouses – the females associated with those males were sitting around waiting on the particular male to attend to their needs and desires? The reality is simple – Anywhere Sancho want am and Sancho lick he lover – has their pros and cons. It’s action and reaction. It’s not clear to whom the folksongs are referring to. The most likely candidates are Grand Uncle Clarence and his father – the Great Grand father of this Sancho. Accounts in the Chronicle newspaper state great grandfather has numerous altercations with other males including Nathaniel Hughes. The newspaper has an account of at least one altercation with one female, Miss Waith and her daughter. Perhaps, those were respecting his desires to procreate.
It has been said great great grandmother, Mary Sancho departed following the birthing of great grandfather. Perhaps, that recurred with Patricia Adams in 1968. One issue of the Slave Registers exhibited an infant Tuckness. The following issue did not. It’s likely the child departed. Perhaps, the child is Mary Sancho’s child. It’s possible, church records will throw light on the birthing of great grandfather and the departure of great great grandmother. According to memory of Kreik Sumner telling this Sancho, Mary Sancho is either his aunt or Grand aunt. Her father is a Caucasian. He was a Plantation official. He was probably between Plantation Norfolk and Bachelor’s Adventure. Research has not accessed information respecting Thomas Sumner. It’s said he fathered twenty – thirty plus children with enslaved Africans. Sumner in the Guyanese experience are said to be his descendants. An Aunt of Muriel Sancho departed late in December 1934. It was said she had complications during child-birthing. Baby and mother succumbed.
Grandparents lost an infant daughter. Aunt lost an infant son. Two Uncles lost infants. Annie Sophia Sandy lost an infant son. Others this Sancho’s generation also lost children in the pre-natal and post-natal stages. Household fires, and drownings and other perhaps avoidable mishaps also claimed the lives of several Sancho younger than 31 years of age.
Abortion, domestic abuse, divorce and separation rarely occurred in the Guyanese experience. Perhaps, spousal abuse was more prevalent than most other relatives were aware of. Couples rarely broadcasted their differences and difficulties. It was all about big weddings and hush-hush divorces and separations. Of course, marriages, divorces and separations are all too common place among Sancho in the migrant experience. It’s popular trending in the cold European nations. The earliest documentation of a marriage is that of Bentick and Sarah at the Methodist Church in February 1857 in Victoria Village. It appears Bentick and Mary were married during the last decade of plantation slavery. It’s quite possible the wedding ceremony transpired at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church at Enmore. Perhaps, Tuckness Sancho was also married at that institution. If those marriages occurred there, it’s possible the names of the parents of Bentick and Tuckness and their spouses are perhaps accessible in the church records. The Porter family likely still owned the property, at that time.
Teenage pregnancy, teenage parenting, unmarried mothers, females with more than one father of their children and single female head of household are all too common in Guyana. Those behaviors are, also, indeed far too common beyond the borders of Guyana in the Sancho experience. These socal ills must be stopped. They can only be stopped when our people stop praying to European gods and following the trending popular culture. Sancho must return to Sankofa and other practices of African cultural traditions. Sancho must understand and practice our most ancient ancestral traditions. Males must defend the virginity of their females. Our females must be programmed to bring their virginity to their marriages. Protecting the virginity of their daughters is among the roles of parents and their relatives. Food, clothing, housing, obedience to laws, rules and regulations of society and cultural and employment programming are also among the priorities. The institution of marriage must be prioritized. The sanctity of marriage must be revered. The restoration of African cultural practice of Bride Price and Dowry among Sancho and other Africans are likely steps in the right direction. Whatever the solutions are our social scientists must articulate them. Africans must provide solutions to problems and issues facing Africans in their daily lives. The Zionist European ruling classes are extremely busy and preoccupied with exterminating Africans off the planet. Only the delusional think some fictitious 2019 plus years dead caucasian male will return to save Africans and Africa from the Earth’s greatest super predators.
Wake up, Sancho, wake up
Wake up, Africans, wake up
Wake up, melanin dominant people wake up
Wake up, non-Zionist people, wake up

Recall Some Sancho

January 31, 2021

Before I get into it.
I make no bones about it. It’s a travesty Derrick Roberts didn’t teach me my history at Golden Grove Government Secondary School. It was such a waste of my time. I was not instructed to be an African. I was programed to initiate Europeans. I absolutely resent those humiliations.
The Black man by NATURE is devine.
Let this Mande be perfectly clear. He is only interested in DNA Sancho. The relatives of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho -re said to be his relatives in this incarnation.
The adopted, the gifted and the other Imposters are not his relatives.
Sancho of the Philippines are not his relatives
Spanish speaking Sancho are not his relatives.
French speaking Sancho are not his relatives
It’s unlikely Ignatius Sancho is his relative as per the surname Sancho. He may very well be our relative, as per the African experience in West Africa, 900 – 1729 AD . Certainly, Ignatius Sancho is a result of the constant upheavals which occurred in West Africa, 900 – 1729 AD.
He most definitely rejected the asininity of the pronouncements of Tom Keen which irked and angered Muriel Sancho for weeks.
Olga Sancho knows
Tom Keen knows
And if you didn’t know – now you know.
The Zionist dominated European society impresses the vast majority of humans in current times. This Zionist dominated European world labeled this particular period Winter in the so-called Northern Hemisphere. The melanin deficient also falsely claim space is time. Those creatures claim time can be measured and named. Hence, the indoctrinated believe this period is January. You are sick they tell me as if they are medical and mental health professions issuing some sort of therapy to my prison.
Ok let’s move on. Let’s assume this is January. Further more let’s continue assuming this is the last nine days of January.
Therefore, this Mande takes liberty with your energy, frequencies and vibrations. He request you join with him in recalling some DNA Sancho. Let’s recall some Sancho
Do you remember David Ross?
Let’s recall David Ross – recall him.
Do you remember Compton Ross?
Let’s recall Compton Ross – recall him.
Do you remember Iris Sharper?
Let’s recall Iris Sharper – recall her.
Do you remember Muriel Sancho?
Let’s recall Muriel Sancho – recall her.
This Mande can recall that teacher girl, Muriel Sancho,
Hail Muriel Sancho, not hast thou gone, behold, as one dead, thou hast gone as one living to sit upon the throne of Ausar.
This Mande recall Muriel Sancho. Oh my mother Muriel Sancho, you were wrong. You are wrong to saddle my human experience with such obnoxious and disgusting names. Perhaps, I and I didn’t cause you enough pain while I was on your tree of life . Otherwise, Muriel girl you would have turned off the asinine imitation European behavior. Muriel Sancho ought to have looked betwixt the Nile and the Niger to name and to program her seventh child.
It’s difficult to be a lioness in Jaguarland. Certainly, it’s ultra difficult to be African, adhering to Sankofa and other aspects of African cultural traditions.
I also regret Muriel Sancho, Margaret Sancho, Oswald Sancho and their generation didn’t program me to maneuver and position myself to provide end of life care to and for them. The lesson here is I finally realized Muriel Sancho was right I am indeed the best teacher among her seven children. But she was also wrong I refused to submit to Zionist dominated European programming. I am that I am. I am spirit. I am having a human experience. I am unlearning the Negro. I am embracing the African consciousness in the DNA of my prison – the body.
Only fools expected Muriel’s little one to bury her body. He is grateful his memory never ends with the scenes at the cemetery. He loves Muriel Sancho more. Oh my mother Muriel Sancho, I thank you. Mother Rachael, mother cookie Solomon and mother Miss Mootoo and other generations of my mothers, I call you to come to me. I need you mother to reveal yourself to me now.
Long Live Muriel Sancho
Long Live Lammy Tuckness Sancho
Long Live Bentick Sancho
Long Live Tuckness Sancho
Long Live the parents of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho, whether their bodies are buried at Enmore or Paradise, remains unknown. Are their names recorded in census records of the Dutch colonial administration and church records? Who are our ancestors and relatives in West Africa?
What is our name and groups of people in West Africa?
What is our origins and history as far back as humanly possible?
Those are questions most definitely deserving accurate answers.
Long Live DNA Sancho, the relatives of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho.


January 30, 2021

DAN BERGER 13TH Directed by Ava DuVernay October 27, 2016 — This article was originally published by The African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS), and is reprinted here with permission. When prisoners in Alabama last spring proposed a national strike to protest “prison slavery,” they called out the infamous clause in the Thirteenth Amendment. The amendment […]


Reject European Constructs

January 30, 2021

A Hymn of Praise to RA¯ When he Riseth in the Eastern Part of Heaven; states the following;
“Hail, Tatunen, thou One, thou Creator of mankind and Maker of the substance of the gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east. “O come and acclaim ye Rā, the lord of heaven, “the Prince (Life, Health, Strength!), the Creator “of the gods, and Adore ye him in his beautiful form “at his rising in the A¯t·et boat. They who dwell “in the heights and they who dwell in the depths.

Hail Tatunen, One, creator of mankind and of the substance of the gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east. Ascribe [ye] praise unto Ra, the lord of heaven, the Prince, Life, Health, and Strength, the Creator of the gods, and adore ye him in his beautiful presence as he riseth in the atet boat. They who dwell in the heights and they who dwell in the depths worship thee. Thoth and Maat both are thy recorders. Thine enemy is given to the Fire, the evil one hath fallen; his arms are bound, and his legs hath Ra taken from him. The children of impotent revolt shall never rise up again.
Tatunen, or Tenen was, like Seb with whom he was identified, the god of the earth; his name is often joined to that of Ptah, and he is then described as the creator of gods and men, and the maker of the egg of the sun and of the moon. Papyrus of ANI – The Egyptian Book of the Dead. (c. 1240 BC) Translated by E A Wallis Budge
Also, there is no such deity as Atum and Amon-Ra in the text.
Numerous melanin dominant individuals simply parrot European poisons. The Christian Negro is the perfect example of an initiation European. There are also afflicted with other Whites diseases, such as First of the month, Black History Month, Emancipation Day, Independence Day, Mothers’ Day, and Fathers’ Day and Valentine’s Day and so on. I would like to think you grasp the point. Most of our people are programmed in deceit, greed and treachery. Which reenforced the conditioning of powerlessness. This sad reality is the scrambled frequencies motivates our people to trade their labor for access to capital – Rothschild money supply – to acquire material possessions. Most of which are trinkets. Materialistic people are no different from the Africans who caught and/or sold our ancestors to Arabs and Europeans in exchange for mirrors, and alcohol and/or whatever the useless commodity was. Now in the recent past and current times our people identify themselves with European constructs. Poisonous minds cannot and will not free our people. Our people must eradicate the European nonsense of cow jumping over the Moon is education. At this late date, Europeans labeled January 29, 2021, there are far too many millions of Africans imitating Cutteridge and other enemies of our people. Generational culture genocide is continually handcuffing efforts to liberate Africans and Africa from the super predators of the planet.
The delusional claims European concepts especially images of white male privilege and white supremacists such as Jesus Christ, technocrats as representation of the people, and heads of State will free our people. It’s always most definitely disgusting to hear such nonsense in the era of Zionist European man-made Armageddon. The current Fear and Panic Season called COVID-19 is now some three weeks past one year. Yet the ridiculous continue to expect the European colonization called God to save them. Our people are programmed to pray. And are absolutely powerless. Our enemies are indoctrinated from early ages to prey upon melanin dominant people for their survival and domination of the planet. Africans must wake up or perish.
The Education system in British Guiana and that in neocolonial Guyana never programmed Africans to be Africans. Then, the question which our people need to answer is – who does the process serve?
When this Mande decipher the evidence of the machinations and shenanigans of the technocrats in Guyana, 2019 – August 2020, he is reminded of the Chief House Negro in Charge (CHNIC) syndrome in the era of the Plantation System. Our people aspired then to be called Boss this, Boss that and Boss the other. In current times the Leader of the Opposition is acceptable if being the Head of state is not available. And the masses continually fall in love with bullshitting opportunistic people. In this incarnation, this Mande bear witness from Eisenhower to Biden. None of them were on the side of the people. None of them are in the best interest of the people. John Fitzgerald Kennedy exposed our people to the Truth. Kennedy pointed to the secret society and the military industrial complex. Kennedy issued American money. It’s called Greenbacks. His brains was exposed in Dallas in November 1963. Kennedy paid the ultimate price for exposing truth and trying to free the American people. .
The situation in Guyana is simply another episode of the ridiculousness of our people. If you aren’t disillusioned by the behaviors of the technocrats in Guyana, the English speaking Caribbean and Latin American – you need to wake up. Trump simply exposed the technocrats of America, Britian, Canada, European Union, Organization of American States, CARICOM, Caribbean Court of Justice, Guyana Supreme Court, the PPP and the COALITION Government as minor cowardly predators. Whenever, COALITION enters the awareness Hyenas surfaces in the thought process. It’s absolutely clear, the Republicans are definitely disgusting.The Republicans defend White males’ privileges and white supremacists at all costs. The GOP are repeatedly exposed as wolves. Yet millions of non-white people support the asininity of the Republicans. This Sancho is with two possible reasons for the sad state of affairs in Guyana. One – a number of teachnocats were satisfied with their exchange. Otherwise, they are just plain absolute cowards. Fear factor perhaps dominated those awful delusional decisions. Basil Williams is either rather dumb or a coward and/or both. COALITION supporters must take their struggle to the world court and every possible forum. Don’t pray. Praying solves nothing. Become proactive. Otherwise, simply prepare to bury thousands of Africans especially males. COALITION supporters need to show they learned from party politics, January 1950 – January 2021. COALITION. supporters must demand they not they political parties must choose the representation of the people.
What have you learned from previous Bharat Jagdeo administrations? This Sancho says again, militancy or servitude. None have your best interest. Sancho is simply telling it as it is. it’s your choice.

MaaNgalai Shankalla speaks MaaNgala Oni Shankalla is a spirit.
MaaNgala Oni Shankalla is imprisoned by the DNA of Sancho, Campbell, Semple, McPherson, Martin, Ross, Mootoo, Young, Sumner, and Solomon. He is not aware of the names of other ancestors. He suppose Sanko, Sankoh and Sonko are among the ancestors in West Africa. He is focused on the upheavals in West Africa 642 – 1782 AD. Perhaps, a people’s oral traditions sing the praises of his ancestors. He also think Bentick is among the unknown ancestors in the Americas.
It’s clear enemies of the Global Black Experience are relentless pursuing their agendas against our people. Our enemies are always perpetuating negative energy,, frequencies and vibrations among our people. It’s always using Africans against Africans, African cultural traditions and in the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources for the benefit of Zionists, Europeans, Arabs, Chinese and Indians. Our people’s response is all too often, doing absolutely nothing. Reference to praying to imaginary beings whose images are also colonized by Arabs, Jews and Europeans is simply doing absolutely nothing, period.
On page nine, in the Richard H Wilkerson publication, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, the statements, “Hail Atum – who made the sky, who created that which exists…Lord of all that is, who gave birth to the gods!” , are said to be Spell 79. and are found in the Book of Coming Forth by Day and by Night. However, there is no such language in the Book of Coming Forth By Day and By Night. Europeans labeled the text the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

“Depart, poison, go forth from Sancho.
May Sancho live! and may the poison die,
May the poison die, and may Sancho live!” – paraphrased from The Book of the Coming Forth by Day and by Night.

“The Blackman by NATURE (AMEN/AMENET) is devine. The White man by NATURE is other than devine.” – Malcolm X
“… the time would come, when every man’s got to find where he does come from. I’ve been rebuked and I’ve been scorned. Rejected of men now I’m born, to live a new, so won’t you too, let’s live and love in peace and harmony. And say we are free. In my fig tree, where I want to be” – Bunny Wailer, Fig tree, Blackheart Man, 1976.
“There is a general consensus among anthropologists that Ardipithecus kadabba, found by Dr. Yohannes Haile Selassie while working with Dr.Tim White in Ethiopia and dated at 5.8 million years ago, was a bipedal . “What makes Ardipithecus kadabba unique is the combination of apelike dentition along with evidence of bipedal locomotion and an overall hominid-like skeleton.”

Politicians, Generally Dressed in Deceit, Greed and Treachery

August 21, 2018

I admit I have grown considerably since the beginning of the Hilary Clinton – Barack Obama epic struggle for the Democratic Party Nomination in 2008. Alton Maddox opened my eyes. Hence, I wasn’t surprised Obama became the choice. Now, it was at that period I begun realizing I am aware of the phrase failed states.
Why are nations with a pronounced African segment of the population considered failed nations? Why are politicians such miserable failures? The simplistic answer I am aware of has always been follow the money. Politicians are generally dressed in deception. That’s never a good thing for the underprivileged working class people. Add greed and treachery to the fabric. The politician becomes corrupt and bloodthirsty. I am not aware of any so-called anti-colonial champions exposing the contents of the instruments of independence. I’m aware Eric Williams, Kwame N’Krumah and Forbes Burnham often hinted about forces beyond their control dictating the fortunes of the nations under their watch. Tomas Sankara also alluded to that force. As did Malcolm X. Now, in this age of access to information its a tragedy millions of Africans are online simply into trending and heckling. Most Africans jump on the social networking sites interested in nothing but distractions. Rhetorical questions such as what one does for his country informed readers the enquiring mind is a parrot. Rothschild and Zionists own the money supply and control the political economy. Until the legal tender is owned by the people and state of any particular nation that nation is in reality a failed state. The Zulu nation may very be the last independent nation in Africa.

Pyramid of Jewish Power

May 4, 2018

via Pyramid of Jewish Power

Bert Williams and George Walker: selected sheet music slide show and gallery, 1896-1909

April 7, 2018

via Bert Williams and George Walker: selected sheet music slide show and gallery, 1896-1909

Ancestors are Historical Truths. Angels are Fictitious

January 17, 2018

It’s all about ancestors and ancestresses. It’s 24/7/365.25, past, present and future.
The present must be all about descendants. The Living are charged with seeking the truth. The Living are charged with using truth to enlighten future generations. The Living are charged with correcting past injustices to our people. In so doing , The Living make contributions to breaking the bonds of our enslavement. It is long overdue for our people to make every effort to overthrow white supremacy. It is long overdue for our people to eradicate all mental, physical and economic bondage programs from our midst. On all fronts, The Living must undo all forms of cleavages which has transformed our natural rights into enslavement. All creatures are either free or enslaved. Some seven billions of humans are indoctrinated into believing and accepting possessing trinkets make them free. The materialistic to believe NATURE is their enemy. The materialistic believe AMEN means the end. The materialistic embrace the unnatural musings of Flavius Josephus as gospel of their sojourn here upon earth. No Angels for me. None can believe in Angels and be with and for their ancestors of Eastern Centered Thought. I am with truth of an ancient time. Ancestors are historical truths. Ancestor are realities of the physical existence of their descendants. Angels are characters of fiction. It is absurd for humans to teach their young to believe in angels. It is an abomination to embrace fiction (Angels) over the vessels whose DNA comprise your physical reality. How dumb can humans be? You need to wake up. You need to be always found with truth in your possession. You need to resonate Living Mathematics. I am aware Living Mathematics is the language of NATURE (AMEN/AMENET), MAA/MAAT, RA/RAIT and all the Goddesses and Gods of our Ancestors and Ancestresses including Berbers, San people, Mande, Yoruba, Zulu and so on. Common sense is an expression of Living Mathematics. Our people must rise above, beyond, and over unnatural boundaries of nationalities, ethnicities, communication, and religious, economics and what have you – all divisions are weapons used by the elites against our people. Political allegiances are necessary to defeat the Zionists and their policies of New World Order and its One World Government.